BDA Testing, and BDA Installation of BDA Amplifiers, and Bi-Directional Amplifiers in Greenville, SC

Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) for Greenville, SC

Coastal Empire Fire & Security is your go-to company as a full-service safety compliance company for fire alarms, security systems and access control in Greenville. Coastal Empire is also a local leader in the proper engineering, installation and testing of Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA). BDAs boost the signals of first responders that may be normally lost in structures due to barriers such as concrete, metal and other building materials. BDAs require a high professional level of knowledge and experience in building engineering and construction, municipality compliance and professional installations.

Coastal Empire has the necessary certifications as dictated by IFC (International Fire Code) including FCC-issued General Radio Operations License and training certification. Also, we supply and install with the Farenhyt BDA system from Honeywell that meets all the requirements set by NEPA and IFC. We take the necessary training very seriously as a commitment to our industry and the safety of our customers.

Our experience with other types of fire and security systems has excelled our capabilities in mastering powering, wiring and monitoring. BDAs are required to have a dedicated back-up power source and high resilience. Different warning signals will warn of lower power and other issues through a dedicated monitoring panel. Our licensed and certified technicians have worked with many different systems for back-up power and take these requirements very seriously.

BDA Installation and BDA Testing

More than 50% of first responders report that they have experienced communication failures. The dead spots that create communication failures are often found in stairwells, underground areas, parking garages, pump rooms and almost all multi-story buildings. For this reason, almost all municipalities have compliance codes for the installation of BDA systems. Coastal Empire can work with architects, building managers, contractors and more to design and engineer the BDA system tailored for a building whether it be new construction or modified for existing structures. Coastal Empire will also do all post-installation testing including third-party installation and re-certification.

Bi-Directional Amplifiers in Greenville, SC

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