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Schools, Colleges, Healthcare, Sports Arenas and Industrial intercom and Mass Notification Systems take special tools and experience to design for operation and “intelligibility”. We carry a wide array of conventional and IP based systems for campus wide notification. Multi warning and evacuation systems are something we do well.

Emergency/mass notification systems involve the use of a variety of technology-aided communication channels to provide accurate and timely messages to on- and off-campus communities in the event of a crisis or emergency. The tools used vary, but are always used in conjunction with a communication and notification plan.

Nurse Call System

Nurse call systems automate processes and eliminate time wasting phone calls and follow-up. Any process that requires notification between staff can be initiated by one-touch on either a four-button or touchscreen workflow station located in the patient room or key staff areas.

In a patient discharge and room turnover scenario, incorporating a nurse call system workflow operation reduces the time a patient waits for an available bed which translates into increased efficiency for hospitals and improved patient satisfaction.

A Nurse Call system meets the growing needs of today’s health care environment, providing both effective communication solutions as well as simple-to-use equipment for patients and staff.

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