Fire Alarms Service in Savannah, GA & Brunswick, GA

Fire Alarms Service in Savannah, GA & Brunswick, GA

There are many different types of alarm systems that range from security alarms to car alarms, from fire alarms for pool alarms. Alarm systems are part of overall security, whether for your commercial building, your public facility or your residential home. Coastal Empire can help you with your commercial security systems in Beaufort SC, your residential security system in Bluffton SC, a fire alarm in Brunswick GA, a security alarm in Hilton Head SC or facility security Savannah GA.

Fire alarm systems can help prevent a disaster. Whether it’s a Silent Knight fire alarm, a Siemens alarm or a CWSI wireless alarm, they serve the same purpose – to alert you when there is a fire risk and to assist with safe and speedy evacuation. Fire or smoke alarms can and do save lives and also prevent substantial damage. Early detection equals prevention or at least containment.

There are 4 main categories of smoke or fire alarms. These alarm systems can work on a process of ionisation, photo electrics, heat or some combination. Ionisation fire alarms are the cheapest and will detect small smoke particles produces by fast burning flames. Optical fire alarm systems are more effective at detecting thicker smoke such as that produces by a smouldering fire. Heat alarms detect increases in temperature and are often installed in kitchens.

Dual sensor alarms are more popular since they can detect more types of fire. They contain both ionization and photoelectric sensors. This means they can alert you if there is smoke from a smouldering fire or smoke from a fast burning fire.

Irrespective of the type of fire alarm system you need to consider ease of installation, battery backup, nuisance buttons, warranties, package deals as well as the possibility of interconnected units

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