Security systems in Beaufort, Bluffton and Hilton Head SC

Commercial security systems that deter, prevent, detect and communicate

Coastal Empire designs and installs and configures commercial security systems throughout Beaufort SC, Bluffton SC, Brunswick GA, Hilton Head GA and Savannah GA. Security systems are intended to keep building, facilities, businesses and occupants safe. To do that security systems must deter, prevent, detect, alert, communicate and notify.

There are many elements to a security system. If you only have one or two components you are not fully covered or protected. That means your security system could fall short on one or more of its key functions. Advanced commercial security systems should include signage, access control, video surveillance, monitoring, alarm systems and intercom systems.

Proper signage and visibility acts as deterrent to bad people. If a criminal or trouble maker is aware that your building or facility is properly protected by a high-tech security system, that person will think twice about breaking in or carrying out some other unwanted act.

Access gates and related access control technology not only deters, but helps to prevent unauthorized access. Aluminum gates, fingerprint readers or facial recognition technology are typical elements of an access control system.

Video surveillance is another important component of building security. Bad people are not only on the outside. Video surveillance footage can provide valuable evidence of related to events and incidents in and around a facility. Monitored surveillance will enable immediate response to an incident.

Alarm system such a fire alarms can detect smoke and heat and help avert a disaster. Alarm systems not only detect, but can send out mass notifications such as evacuation instructions. Security systems should have powerful communication to instruct and notify.

Another important consideration when it comes to security systems is that of design and installation. You don’t want the design or installation to be the weak link in your security chain. That is why it is important to deal with an accredited security company such as Coastal Empire.

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