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Security Systems in Savannah, GA & Brunswick, GA

Security systems have turned into a must have these days owing to the rise in crimes. It can help in keeping burglars and trespassers away of course, but are you aware of its other wonderful benefits? We at Coastal Empire offer these systems in different makes and models and our team of experts along with helping you to select the most ideal security system will also guide you on its different specifications and benefits. People residing in and around Beaufort, SC, Bluffton, SC and Savannah GA can make the most of our systems.

Discover its different benefits

  • Reduce energy bill- a security system indeed can help in saving energy and reducing electricity bill. For instance, one can save electricity via turning off the lights when away from home. The good news is they can use this system for controlling the cooling and heating system from their Smartphone. Thanks to the advancement in technology. Not only this some alarm systems even will account for high temperatures
  • Save cash on home insurance- an insurance company will lower one’s premium via 20-25% when they install a good security system in their home.
  • Monitor the actions and whereabouts of children- our systems can actually be programmed for sending an email or a text message along with an attached video to parents or caregivers when children arrive home. It will also help them to monitor the actions and whereabouts of their children
  • Prevent water damage- leaking faucet or a water heater that is broken if left unnoticed is likely to make a devastating damage to the home. Along with ruining flooring and wall water leakage can destroy valuables or valuable furniture. Our systems possess the ability of preventing such damage. An alarm for flood sensor notification can be fixed to the system for notifying during unexpected water flow or leak

Apart from the aforementioned benefits these systems can also allow senior citizens in maintaining their independence and locking/unlocking doors through a Tablet or Smartphone. To know more contact us now.

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