All About Fire Alarms in Beaufort & Brunswick, SC

All About Fire Alarms in Beaufort & Brunswick, SC

Bad things don’t just happen to other people and security is not something you should take for granted. Bad things are more likely to happen if you don’t have proper security such as provided by alarm systems, access control systems and surveillance cameras. Alarm system are a vital component of any building security solution. They provide both preventative and proactive benefits. If you are looking for alarm systems in Beaufort SC, Bluffton SC, Brunswick GA, Hilton Head SC or Savannah GA, then Coastal Empire can help. They provide top of the range systems such as Silent Knight and Siemens.

Fire alarms are essential for any commercial building. They provide early warning of a potential fire which gives you time to react as well as evacuate. An effective fire alarm system should be part of a network. Commercial fire alarms should also be more sensitive than single room smoke detectors. If you own a big building you need to warn everyone if there is a fire.

Fire alarms have 2 major functions. To protect human life and to protect property and assets. Early detection is essential if these objectives are to be met. When a detector senses smoke or heat or if someone smashed a break glass unit, then the alarm will be triggered. Remote signalling can also alert the local fire or emergency department.

Early warning means people can be evacuated before the fire becomes life-threatening. Fire alarms can also be used in combination with sprinkler systems. Some alarm system will automatically notify the fire department as well.

Addressable fire alarms have a control panel that can indicates exactly which detection point and which zone triggered the alarm. Analogue systems also have advanced features that help reduce the occurrence of false alarms.

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