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Types of business security systems
Coastal Empire is a leading provider of business security systems in Beaufort SC, Bluffton SC, Hilton Head SC and Savannah GA. Their electronic business security systems are designed to keep people and assets safe by deterring, preventing and responding. Business security systems include fire alarm systems, access control systems, surveillance systems and monitoring systems.

Fire alarms are important components of business security systems and when you consider that billions of dollars are lost annually due to fires, it is easy to understand why. A fire alarm system should be linked to a monitoring station that will trigger immediate response when the alarm is raised. The fire alarm system should also send out evacuation instructions.
Access control in another important component of business security systems. These systems vary between card and keypad systems to advanced biometric access control. By allowing only authorized people to enter a building, complex or facility, this type of security goes a long way in preventing unwanted acts and situations. Large housing complexes and major facilities normally employ security guard to complement an electronic access control system.
Intercom systems, CCTV cameras and monitoring also play a vital role in building security. Intercom systems allow visual and audio identification of visitors which is important when granting visitors access to a building or facility. Video surveillance also acts a deterrent to bad behavior and criminal acts. Footage can be used as evidence and can even be used to secure a conviction. Real time monitoring enables real-time response.
When it comes to building security, technology is key. Spending money on old dated systems is a waste. State of the art equipment and cutting edge technologies are the foundation of business security systems that meet the demands of the modern world.

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