Benefits and risks associated with traffic surveillance cameras

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Due to the rise in terrorisms and accidents, traffic surveillance cameras are becoming a widespread aspect of American life at a continually increasing rate. They are an innovative form of video surveillance technology systems, placed along busy intersections at the highway and also in locations where there is heavy traffic congestion with weather hazards. These cameras used for monitoring and managing the road network are digital surveillance systems which transmit low resolution pictures from a pole that is generally about 30 feet above the ground. We all have seen their footage during traffic reports in the news channels. Some of these have internet connection and display their output for public review of traffic conditions. As a trusted traffic surveillance cameras supplier in and around Brunswick, Beaufort, Bluffton and Hilton Head, we Coastal Empire based in Savannah offer many types of video analytic equipments.

4 benefits of traffic surveillance cameras

  1. Enforce red light laws – Cameras for traffic monitoring made up of a single camera or multiple camera systems is an integrated system that is to capture the traffic violation by red-light runners live.
  2. Valuable in formations– Traffic cameras that simply monitor car flows on roads and main arteries taking people out of town are often maintained by the state departments of transportation. Along with monitoring the roads for accidents, footage from traffic cameras is influential in decisions about upcoming road constructions and developments.
  3. Encourage safe driving habits – Traffic surveillance cameras posted at complex intersections encourages safe driving habits and discourages traffic violations.
  4. Helps daily passengers– Traffic cameras placed at busy roads and intersections, toll-free highways, inter-states and main arteries often share feeds with news channels, both television and radio, which in turn pass them onto passengers in the form of traffic reports.

2 risks associated with traffic surveillance cameras

  1. Road accidents – As they are placed on busy intersections and roads, so there are higher chances of accidents that could damage traffic cameras.
  2. Extreme weather conditions– Heat, rain, wind, ice and snow- all can ruin a traffic surveillance camera.

Enjoy the bumpy ride!

Our world is, increasingly, a digital one where we get to see a few exciting changes in the area of traffic surveillance, like- a more flexible communications infrastructure; high quality image, reduced cabling and storage costs as well as enhanced video analytic implements. However, it will also present many challenges. So, hang on….

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